DVD Release DateZack Snyder Discusses Favorite Rebel Moon Character and Film's Backstory

Zack Snyder Discusses Favorite Rebel Moon Character and Film’s Backstory

  • Zack Snyder’s favorite character in Rebel Moon is Kora, played by Sofia Boutella, due to her complex past and uncertain future.
  • Snyder created Kora to maintain tension in the story, making her indispensable and enigmatic.
  • Science fiction is referred to as the “ultimate fantasy genre” by Snyder, as it allows horror, action, and superhero narratives to coexist.

Zack Snyder delves into his passion for science fiction with the highly anticipated two-part film Rebel Moon. Set in a universe marked by tyranny and the search for redemption, the movie showcases a series of characters, with Kora, played by Sofia Boutella, being Snyder’s ultimate favorite. Kora’s character arc expertly balances likability and mystery, as it invites the audience to explore her tormented past and unpredictable future.

Snyder intentionally developed Kora’s character to create ongoing tension throughout the film. As a result, she becomes an integral, yet enigmatic figure in the narrative. Boutella’s outstanding performance succeeds in bringing Kora alive, expertly blending her character’s strength and vulnerability. Rebel Moon’s story revolves around Gunnar, an inexperienced farmer, and Kora, an experienced warrior with a complicated background, who unite an alliance of powerful rebels to safeguard their village from the Imperial assault.

In a CBR interview, Snyder discusses his passion for the science fiction genre, his sources of inspiration, and the meticulous creation process of his cherished character. According to him, science fiction is not just another genre – it represents the pinnacle of cinematic storytelling, providing a boundless realm where diverse themes can intertwine. He defines sci-fi as the “ultimate fantasy genre,” where various narrative elements from horror to action can coexist and flourish.

Rebel Moon clearly embodies this philosophy, as the fate of an entire galaxy hangs in the balance, depending on the courage and cleverness of an unlikely group of heroes. Regarding the genre, Snyder stated:

“I’m a big fan of myth and mythology and fantasy on any level. I would say that the one thing about sci-fi is that when you look at genre — especially when you look at all forms of cinematic genre — sci-fi is the tip of the spear, the actual, ultimate fantasy.”

Rebel Moon’s origins can be traced back to Snyder’s exposure to legendary films that have left a lasting impact on the world of sci-fi, such as Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Alien, which significantly influenced his creative vision. The film also draws upon classic movies like The Seven Samurai and The Dirty Dozen, reflecting Snyder’s affinity for assembling diverse and dynamic teams.

While the first part of Rebel Moon is currently available for streaming, fans eagerly await the release of the second installment, which promises to reveal more about Kora’s history and her ties to the unfolding conflict. The sequel is set to premiere in April, and Snyder confirms that filming both chapters simultaneously has considerably shortened the gap between releases, albeit being an exhausting yet rewarding experience.

In the end, Rebel Moon is a testament to Snyder’s enduring admiration for the science fiction genre, which he praises for its limitless creativity and its potential to envisage both awe-inspiring and cautionary futures.

Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire is now streaming on Netflix.