DVD Release DateZack Snyder unfazed by lack of theatrical release for Rebel Moon

Zack Snyder unfazed by lack of theatrical release for Rebel Moon

  • Zack Snyder unaffected by the absence of theatrical release for Rebel Moon.
  • The film will debut on Netflix, avoiding a traditional box office release.
  • Snyder believes the project will still find its audience, regardless of the platform it releases on.

Zack Snyder remains unbothered by the fact that his upcoming film, Rebel Moon, will not be receiving a theatrical release. Instead of a conventional box office release, the film is set to debut on Netflix. Rather than focusing on the platform it will appear on, Snyder is confident that Rebel Moon will still find its intended audience.

In fact, the acclaimed director sees the shift in the film’s release strategy as a beneficial aspect. Snyder is well aware that the landscape of movie releases is changing rapidly, with streaming services like Netflix playing a significant role in the industry’s evolution. Given this context, Snyder does not care that Rebel Moon will not be hitting the big screen in traditional movie theaters.

Overall, Zack Snyder is mainly focused on creating a quality film for his audience to enjoy, believing that good content will naturally attract viewers, irrespective of the mode of release. By opting for a streaming platform like Netflix, Snyder is positioning Rebel Moon in the ever-expanding realm of digital cinema, where an increasing number of viewers are turning to for their entertainment needs.