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DVD & Blu-ray Release Date

DVD: I, Robot DVD release date is set for December 14, 2004. Dates do change so check back often as the release approaches.

Blu-ray: I, Robot Blu-ray will be available the same day as the DVD. Blu-ray and DVD releases are typically released around 12-16 weeks after the theatrical premiere.

Digital: I, Robot digital release from Amazon Video and iTunes will be available 1-2 weeks before the Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K releases. The estimate release date is December 2004. We will update this page with more details as they become available. The movie has been out for around since its theatrical release.

I, Robot stars Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Alan Tudyk, James Cromwell, Bruce Greenwood. View everything you need to know about the movie below.



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Theater Date

July 16, 2004


Will Smith plays a future homicide detective in Chicago during the year 2035. He does not like robots after he lost a little girl that he attempted to save from a car that plunged into a river. Before he could reach her, a robot which was programmed to rescue and assist humans, swept him out of the water and left the little girl behind because she was less likely to survive than he was. The logic based decision that the robot made to save him instead of her had haunted him ever since. The story unfolds when something is amiss with the robots as they ignore their programming to serve humans and suddenly take the city under siege. They are dangerous with red glaring eyes and do not hesitate to kill any humans defiant to being taken hostage. The detective struggles to take the city back by enlisting the help of a robopsychologist, played by Bridget Moynahan, who creates programs and performs maintenance of robots where they are manufactured. One of the robots that she was examining, named Sonny, is able to think for himself and feels empathy for the humans. He becomes their best hope against the masses of threatening robots. The three become unlikely friends as they work together in this action packed movie to save the city.

PG-13 Rating

I, Robot DVD/Blu-ray is rated PG-13. Parents are urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers (under 13).


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The movie currently has a 7 out of 10 IMDb rating and 59 Metascore on Metacritic. We will continue to add and update review scores.



Box Office

$144.8 million


Action, Science Fiction



Theatrical Release Date: July 16, 2004
DVD & Blu-ray Release Date: December 14, 2004
Age Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 115 minutes
Budget: $120,000,000
Box Office: $144.8 million
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Language: English