DVD Release DateBeautiful and Dramatic Stories of Love in Latin American Movies

Beautiful and Dramatic Stories of Love in Latin American Movies


Latin America puts out far more intricate films than its North American counterparts. These stories combine great storylines with romantic tragedy. Thankfully, these stories are far more complex than what the average person will experience, but they’re interesting nonetheless. Of course, there are lessons to be learned if you look hard enough, so we’ll be breaking these movies down to find the moral. Whether you’re using online dating services, scoping options at the bar, or hoping for romance at a wedding, you’re sure to find something useful from these dramatic Latin narratives. And if it is the first option that you are thinking about, Citasconlatinas has a perfect set of filters to find a Latina girlfriend to enjoy these movies with, but as this niche platform is almost exclusively directed towards gathering Latino people for love and dates, it could be even more simple than you thought.

“Amores Perros” 

Character Octavio is in love with his brother’s wife, Susana. Unhappy that his brother (Ramiro) abuses her, Octavio attempts to convince Susana to run away and start a new life with him. Complications are built upon complications, eventually leading to death, rejections, broken hearts, and all the other revelations you expect from a film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. This movie serves as a good example of how—even if you try really hard to get with someone—it may not work out in the end.

“Y tu mamá también” 

Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, who achieved great Hollywood fame since filming this story and got his fair share of Oscars, this story centers around two young boys, Julio and Tenoch, whose girlfriends both leave on a trip to Italy. Deciding to enjoy life as single young men, the boys eventually meet Luisa, the wife of Tenoch’s cousin, at a wedding they attend. They make up a story of how they are going to go visit a special beach and invite Luisa along. Initially, she declines, but after receiving a phone call that her husband has cheated, she takes the boys up on their offer. 

The three embark on a road trip, eventually stopping at a hotel where Luisa has sex with Tenoch. Julio is upset, so Luisa has sex with him to ease the tension. This upsets Tenoch, who tells Julio that he had sex with his girlfriend. We won’t tell you what happens next, but the revelations are pretty daring, and the fates of movie characters are (of course they are) ironic and intertwined. The film is relatable, proving that while sex can certainly make life more enjoyable, it also has a high likelihood of increasing complications.

“Hable con ella” 

This dramatic, love-torn story centers around two men who cross paths by chance briefly in a theater. Marco, a journalist, meets Lydia González (a bullfighter) in a bar. After a bit, the two become friends and then eventually lovers. However, Lydia is gored by a bull and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, the second main character (a nurse named Benigno) becomes infatuated with a dancer named Alicia. The two become friends, but Alicia is struck by a car, falling into a coma too. Benigno becomes her primary caregiver, and he eventually runs into Marco at the hospital. The two become friends. 

Fates of all characters intertwine in mysterious ways, and if anything, this story serves as an example that perceived mutual love is often—in reality—a one-way street.

“Abre los ojos” 

The main character, César, goes home with a girl named Sofía. The next day, he is offered a ride by his ex-girlfriend Nuria, but she tries to kill them both by crashing her car. He survives, but his face is extremely disfigured; Sofía can no longer bear to see him.

However, after that, it turns out that the thing that was behind all the character’s odds and ends was the technology, and this movie serves as an extended Black Mirror episode, eventually telling viewers to fear things they dream about, because what if they turn out to be true?

This movie isn’t particularly relatable since it focuses mainly on make-believe technology, but it does have one valid point: love comes with risks. Stay vigilant!

However, if you’re one of the older couples who’s already made it, well… be happy—your romantic tragedies are all behind you!