DVD Release DateWhat Do Movies Know About the Romance Over 40?

What Do Movies Know About the Romance Over 40?

Photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels

We all know that films tend to portray young love because that is the most innocent and fun type to watch. However, more and more films are taking on a new subject matter: mature individuals. Do these movies hit the mark, though? We’ll take a look and show you how romance movies consider the romances of people over 40.

How do relationships of mature people differ from the younger couples?

When we consider the relationships of mature people against younger couples, we have to look at their goals. Even the most popular movies show that young people are just trying to figure out what it means to love another person. Older people tend to know what they want and need from a relationship to flourish. Another major difference between older and younger couples is the means that people use to find love. While younger people tend to mix in-person meetings with online ones, older people go for the sure thing. Older people can easily opt for Maturedating, a dating site that focuses on helping mature individuals connect with people. Unlike other sites that are flooded with people of all ages, this service focuses on people from their late 30s well into their 50s. Using the messaging aspect of the site, busy middle-aged people can still seek romance while focusing on their busy lives. This sort of interaction works much better for this age group, and it’s a reason that mature individuals gravitate towards sites. We’ve even seen this sort of romance take place in famous films like Must Love Dogs and Love, Guaranteed!

A Cinematic take on the topic of romance over 40

Like we’ve said, many of the films that exist today approach the topic of younger romance, but many examples of mature love over 40 still exist. We’ve come up with a good handful of the best versions of these films that have been released. 

  • Something’s Gotta Give

An older guy that has been a confirmed bachelor finds out that mature love might just be the thing he’s been missing. Jack Nicholson is Harry Sanborn, and he tries to date a younger woman, but he ends up falling head over heels for her mother! Something’s Gotta Give is a perfect film for people that are worried that mature love doesn’t have the excitement that is seen in young love!

  • Last Chance Harvey

Getting over the past can be difficult, and that is what Last Chance Harvey is all about. This movie features two older individuals that have experienced a lot of turmoil in their respective love lives. Harry Shine and Kate Walker have a bunch of near-misses throughout the film, but they end up bonding together over their mutual needs.

  • It’s Complicated

What happens when two divorced people try to give their relationship another chance despite the woman being in a relationship? Well, it’s complicated. The complexity of modern mature relationships is explored throughout this film, and it reaches a unique, satisfying conclusion.

  • The Tomorrow Man

When a prepper and a woman meet at a store, sparks fly. However, she has to come to grips with his unique take on life, and he has to determine whether he can change enough to work his way into her life. 

These films are very effective at showing the complexity of romances for older people. They cover a lot of ground, and every single older person should consider them. 

Why is it never too late to fall in love, and how movies imitate life?

Many of the films that we have talked about here are not too fantastical to be real. Some of them are based on the experiences that the filmmakers have had through their lives. The takeaway from that situation is not that mature romances are not common or only occur under the most unique circumstances. These films insist that people who are older can still find love if they are willing to put in the work, set aside their ego, and reach out to someone else. Whether that is starting a profile on a dating service or striking up a conversation with someone that they would have ignored before, it is possible to find love. 

The world of dating for mature people might seem a little complicated, but the truth is that it’s only as difficult as you make it. The movies that we’ve explored here show why so many people can find themselves loveless over 40, but they should also serve as inspiration for those that want to give relationships another try.